Sky Dancer

A new runner where falling is just as important as running

As a longtime warrior of mobile game developer– is also evolving its publishing services to succeed in this both exciting and challenging market. With more than 50 quality games and 100+ millions of happy mobile players, we're so much more than just a game developer and publisher. Have an exciting project in the works? Reach out to us! Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to every submission, but we will certainly be in touch if we believe there’s a potential match.

Daily Solitaire: Poker Saga

This is the Solitaire game that you will not be missed!


Our Leaders

All of our leaders are veterans in Vietnam Game Industry who have a passion for game development, and for training others into game development. In addition to being highly accomplished in their fields, they are also energetic, positive and caring people. 

Ell Tee

Ell produced numerous of hit products since the studio started. He is our Creative Expert and The Visionary of Topebox.

Chi. Nguyen

She is the heart of financial of Topebox. We cannot have the great today without the incredible effort of her while always improving the stability of the studio. 

Nghia. Do Thanh

No one can be a great technical leader and a passion game producer at the same time like him. While being a great visionary for the technical team, he's also the heart of blockbuster like Century City and Feed'em Burger. His nowadays works are even more than great, you will soon find out anytime now.

Tope us now!

Tope to us to find out about new products, trainings and our interesting mates. 

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