About us

Founded in 2012, Topebox is a global technology company from Vietnam whose product is a game on mobile devices.

We have expanded into other areas such as fintech and blockchain to make Topebox as diverse a technology company as we have targeted.

Topebox's product ecosystem has surpassed more than 80 games, including traditional games and NFT games. Attracted more than 100+ million downloads with more than 10+ globally famous games. Topebox is constantly striving to offer Vietnamese games to the international market.

We bring together a team of professionals ready to share their expertise, make their ideas come true, learn new things and create new products from any individual's idea.

From the first steps to the last, we spend much time continuously changing and improving. Because we believe there is always room for improvement.

We are constantly reinventing ourselves and keep growing every day. So each Topebox product has its own identity, unlike any other.


Global hits


Millions dowloads





Pursuing our dream

At Topebox, each of us can turn ideas, aspirations, and passions into products and stories. With games, you can make everyone's dreams come true.

Topebox is a place to turn dreams into reality, where ideas are formed to build a community, a world where each individual can realize himself and bring out the identity of the Vietnamese nation world.

Rather than merely a workplace, we're a fun community where unique possibilities come to life.

We do not follow established paths, we embrace the extraordinary and question the ordinary to find new solutions: creating new dreams.

Become a member of the Topebox family, where your voice is heard and you can completely express yourself.


Once a person become a Topebox members, they also become our brother in the big great family, we take care of each other and help everyone to climb the big mountain together.

Board of Directors

Thái Thanh Liêm (Ell) - Founder - Chief Executive Office

From 2009 to 2011, Mr. Liêm was Co-founded Firebat Game Studio . Also in 2009, founded Colorbox as Founder and CEO.

In 2012, Mr. Liêm founded Topebox.

Ms. Nguyễn Đặng Quỳnh Anh - Chief Strategy Officer

Ms. Quynh Anh has held C-level positions at multinational corporations such as Country Head at VIBER Vietnam, Group Chief Operations at Yeah1 Corporation.

Chairman of the BOD at Yeah1 EDigital, Vice President at RIVERORCHID Vietnam.

Nguyễn Phạm Linh Chi - Co. Founder - Chief Finance Officer

Ms. Chi worked for the Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors, ACB Bank & Colorbox.

Board of Management

Đỗ Thành Nghĩa - Co. Founder - Senior Executive Director

Mr. Nghĩa has been in game development since 2002 and worked on many titles such as Rise of the Lost Empires, and Assassin’s Creed.

Nguyễn Lê Tuấn (Tommy) - Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Tuấn has 15 years of experience in the game industry especially mobile social games.

Founder of Firebat Studio, has “Sky Garden”.

Nguyễn Hoàng Nam - Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Nam has 8 years worked at VNG as a Lead Software Engineer, creating hit games: Dragon Island, Sky Garden...

Vũ Duy Tiếp - Chief Partner Officer

Mr. Tiếp has 15 years of experience in project management and technology startups.

Founder of Game Bank - payment gateway for video games, and Co-founder of Horus - VR technology for games.

Hoàng Thanh Nhựt - Executive Director

Mr. Nhựt has 10 years as a game designer, started with Pocket Army, Century City.

Now, Mr. Nhut is Project Manager of Titan Hunters.

Nguyễn Như Thiên Ý - 3D Art Director

Mr. Ý used to join the ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) team, build models for Hollywood movies and many big-name games such as BATMAN Telltale Season, Cars 3, Day Gone 2016, and NASA's ISRU.

Bùi Trọng Hiếu - Quality Control Director

Mr. Hiếu has 13 years of experience working at Gameloft from 2007 to 2020, in the position of Quality Assurance Team Lead.

Currently, Mr. Hiếu is the Quality Control Director at Topebox.