About Topebox

Topebox is a center of creativity and high energy. We inspire you to live more by playing more. We offer our mates of all levels a place to explore and create, to build self-confidence and self-discipline. Come and connect with others who share the love of game development. We are a produce support of the game development, and produce outstanding games every year to promote Vietnam Game Development Community and also expose the general public to the Global Game Market.

The Concept

When establishing the game studio, we was set on creating games that would bring the children of today the same excitement we felt as a child. This single desire is what inspired us to start a game studio.

With a corporate stance that left no room for compromise, we have grown today to set even more ambitious goals. During phase 1, our entire team succeeded in working together to gain trust in an industry where we were still considered a start-up developer. In phase 2, we were recognized by players through the success of prominent titles such as Politaire, Frontier Defense and Sky Dancer. In 2017, our company entered phase 3 with the introduction of Realm Wars, Dash Squad and Sparkle Snowboarder. Realm Wars will be the first Real-Time Multiplayer Mobile Game we handled. With this game, Topebox transitioned from a casual game developer to a bigger game developer/publisher in Vietnam. This transformation exponentially increased our interest in all facets of the game industry. Once we pass phase 3, we will most likely be competing with the top brands of the industry in phase 4.

The Challenge

With Topebox, creativity is still the key; we believe game developers don’t need to abide by cloning great games or traditional marketing methods, rather they should think outside the box and consider alternatives in how to build something unique and find the potential community.

We work hard to bring to people a completely new exciting experience on every single game we built.

The Energy

Each and every one of our mates is passionate about game development. It’s a passion that comes through in every game project and also all the games we love, bringing positive energy and excitement into every studio moment. You’ll leave the studio feeling buoyant and even more energetic than you felt when you walked in early in the morning. 
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