Frontier Defense has The New 2017 Update!

Daily Solitaire

We love Solitaire then we do Politaire; but it seems the love of Solitaire can't stop! By wanting a Solitaire game with many levels to play everyday to avoid playing the same game just for a boring high-score; we come up with a new interesting concept: Daily Solitaire. Daily Solitaire is addictive exactly the way we want, and is exactly the game that we want to do at the beginning. You will be loving it!
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Sky Dancer

When you learn how to get used with the game, you will discover that everything around you isn't matter anymore, it's just you and the endless Sky Dancing's challenges. Ell Tee brings you a new runner (and not just another runner) where falling is just as important as running!
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Realm Wars

Maybe it's too soon to reveal anything about this interesting project; but Realm Wars is the first MOBA game that we've invented with love, creativeness and the superb effort of peoples behind 2016 Hit Game-Century City.
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Dash Squad

A new & unique battle gameplay will be introduced by Ell Tee later 2017. You will be experience a excellent way to control a squad in a fearsome battle and the best graphic design among all games in its genre. 
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Apple Best Game of 2016. This is the Solitaire game that you shouldn't be missed. Handcrafted gameplay in a very unique way by Ell Tee, simple rule with a superb depth in gameplay will definitely hook you for really a long time (or maybe your whole life).
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